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Paul Burch and Mike Hudson removed a ceiling panel from the upper deck of 168 as it was rotten (just like its owner!). The inside and outside of the roof panel needs sealing before a new ceiling panel is fitted later.

Work to improve the interior of 168 continues as Mike Hudson has now fitted a fully refurbished periscope which was excellently refurbished by Paul Burch. Paul and Mike can be seen fitting the periscope in the 2 pictures.

201 was used to provide a bus link between Plymouth City Centre and the Plym Valley Railway for their Easter Sunday Running Day. Although the day was fairly quiet we managed to sell a lot of items on our sales bus, no. 52, which has boosted the Group's funds. Thank you to all those who assisted today, and to Bobby Darch and Paul Laxton for the photographs.

168 has had its roof repaired and sealed to prevent water leaking into it. It was given a power wash afterwards by Mike.

Jason Beverley and Jacob Eaton have been working on 170, repairing the drivers seat. Meanwhile, work has been continuing on 133, which has now had a lot of repanelling replaced to the lower bodysides. And 52 has been treated to a new front wing.

137 has been fitted with its Leyland Atlantean badge again. The badge had been missing for a while, since its last refurbishment at Central Bus Works, but at long last the front looks complete once again!

Andy Cooksey has had some work done on 53 lately - thanks to the help of Paul and Pam Burch, Gareth Ruby, Ralph Delbridge, Bobby Darch and Mike Hudson. Glue residue from old advertisments has been removed and some body panels repainted. Some better seat cushions have been sourced and fitted, improving the quality of the interior. A ticket machine and plaque have also been fitted to the cab door, and the cab seat has been replaced as it was too low and loose. Andy Cooksey would like to thank all the people named above for their help, and to Chris for sorting out the cab seat.

Work has started on 52, and its conversion to our sales vehicle. Some of the seats have been removed aswell as some Citybus vinyls. Thanks to Jason Beverley for the photographs.

As the nation celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee we played our part with a Group members trip to Mount Edgcumbe. Volvo Citybus 176 "INVINCIBLE" was decked out in bunting and destinations blinds set to a suitable display. Paul Burch managed to source a "Special" panel for the blind and thanks go to Paul for sorting this out. Unfortunately 176 developed a fault with its cab flooring which prevented our driver, Graham Tout, from taking full power. So after a crawl up Forder Valley hill we decided to return to Milehouse and swap buses. Thanks to Bobby Darch for stepping in and saving the day by allowing us to take 105 instead.

After a swap we were on our way across the Tamer Bridge and into Cornwall. En-route to Mount Edgcumbe we were all given delicious home-made cup cakes, which were made by Cath and Jenny. (Any requests for the recipe please email the Chairman!)

At Mount Edgcumbe many of us enjoyed a pint and a cream tea and several hours of sunshine before returning home. Thanks to Paul Laxton and Jason Beverley for the photographs.

Ralph Delbridge and Paul Laxton have been doing more work on 52 in order to get it ready for the summer season. The work involved grinding away at supports to remove seats, the pole at the entrance door has been removed, as have the money tray and signs from the driver's cab door.

Also, we have joined forces with to help raise much-needed funds for the group. THIS IS WHERE YOU CAN HELP: If you shop online, at retailers such as M&S, eBay, Tesco, Amazon, Game, Vodafone, HMV and loads more, then why not sign up for free at Every time you shop at over 2000 onlne retailers, the PCTPG will get a small percentage of the sale - and it won't even cost you a penny! Click on the link below to find out more and to register. Remember ITS FREE, and the more you spend, the more we get! And once you have registered, please ensure you access your favourite retailers through - save it to your favourites!

Members of the group have been busy cleaning 176 "INVINCIBLE" for the members day out on the 4th. Thanks to Paul Burch, Mike Hudson, Bobby and Robbie Darch, Roland Stone and Paul Furse for their hard work. 176 is looking great for the Bank Holiday trip to Mount Edgcumbe.

176 has had a replacement floor fiitted to its cab following its embarrassing technical problems on June 4th. It just needs a road-run now to test it out and ensure it has regained full power again.

An investigation into 116’s poor running, has revealed extensive attention required to the diff and transmission. Therefore it was decided to sell 116 for spares. At noon today it was taken to Target Travel’s yard where it will be used to keep one of their Darts operational. So, unfortunately, 116 is no longer part of the PCTPG fleet.

More work had been made on preparing 52 for its future role by Paul Burch, Ralph Delbridge, Terry New and Paul Laxton. This involved polishing the nearside and removing the traces of adverts and the glue left behind from them.  Also a good polishing to the inside panels and the removal of the Citybus logo from the front panel.


Leyland Atlantean 214, registration no. FJY914E, returned to Plymouth after 26 years away. It was purchased by Group Member Paul Furse from Seahawk Gliding Club, based at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. The Atlantean was new in 1967 and was withdrawn from service by Plymouth Citybus in October 1986. The bus was towed from RNAS Culdrose to Plymouth by Roselyn's tow truck as it hadn't been MOTed for many years and we didn't want to take any chances with the Cornish hills. For more info on 214 see the Fleet page.

Thanks to Tony Richards from Seahawk Gliding Club for the photographs and for his assistance today, together with Roselyn Coaches for providing the recovery truck. Thanks also to Jason Beverley and Tom Pearce for chasing it around Cornwall to capture it on film!

Open-top Atlantean 458 is out and about tree-lopping again for Plymouth City Council. The bus is out every day this week around various parts of Plymouth.

458 was featured in The Herald's Picture of the Day whilst captured in King's Road, Devonport tree lopping. Click on the picture to view it.

176 was fitted with a replica of an original ships crest from "INVINCIBLE" whose name was given to 176 when it was new. The ships crest has been fitted to the inside lower saloon - behind the drivers cab - using the same screw holes as the original crest. The crest was donated by Group Member Paul Laxton and our thanks go to him.

We took time out to treat the Chernobyl Children to a day out on Plymouth Citybus' open-top PD2, number 358. However, due to 358 being double-booked, we had to finish off using Volvo B6, number 53, thanks to Andy Cooksey. Photographs with thanks to (c) Diamond Knight Photography.

We attended the Plymouth bus rally with 9 of our vehicles for what was a glorious sunny day on Plymouth Hoe. We took an enormous amount of money in sales which goes into our group funds for future projects - breaking all records. Andy Cooksey won an award for Best Single Deck bus for number 53 and Ian Byrne won an award for  his 1978 Atlantean in the category Best pre-1962 Double Deck Bus for 131. Quite how a 1978 bus can qualify for the pre-1962 category is beyond us - enquiries to the Western National Preservation Group - but we send our congratulations to Andy and Ian.

Preparations are underway at Milehouse for the Plymouth bus rally this weekend. Thanks to all who took time out to help us.

176 took part in a successful Devon Coastal Run today, organised by the Historic Transport Club.

We organised our first joint trip with our friends at the Plym Valley Railway to the Swanage Railway in Dorset. 176 "INVINCIBLE" was used due to the distance involved - this was our furthest trip organised to date and it went very smoothly. Thank you to the staff at the Swanage Railway for making us feel welcome and for the discounted train fares.

The group today took ownership of the first Dennis Dart operated by Plymouth Citybus – number 101 – K101SFJ, with thanks to Jim, Chris and Martin of Riverlink, Totnes. Sister vehicle to Bobby Darch’s 105, it entered service in August 1992 on relaunched Citybus services 61 and 62 to Peverell, Honicknowle and Transit Way. More information on this fine vehicle will be shown on its own Fleet page soon.

Bobby Darch took Dennis Dart 105 to Torbay for the annual bus running day.

The Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group entered a new era today as it acquired a 1958 ex-Plymouth Corporation Leyland PD2 with Metro-Cammell body, in an auction at Bristol. The bus was number 102 in the Plymouth fleet, entering service in May 1958. It was withdrawn in May 1973 entering straight into preservation. More details will be shown on its own Fleet page in due course.

We attended the bus rally at Westpoint, Exeter which was organised by The West Country Historic Omnibus & Transport Trust. 52 was used as our sales stand whilst 176 took group members and members of the public from Plymouth to the bus rally, calling at Exeter Bus Station en-route to provide a feeder service to the event for the organisers. Despite a 360 degree navigation of one roundabout, we found our way to Westpoint eventually!

Mike Hudson and Paul Burch have been busy working on 168 the past few days. All the seat cushions and the frames removed so they can be rubbed down and repainted. While the rear bench seat was removed, opportunity was also taken to clean underneath and clean the wiring loom. Mike found 50p tucked down one of them, so if anyone lost 50p on 168 in the last 30 years please do get in touch. Please provide evidence that it was yours! Mike said the job was was "long and boring" (just like himself), but it will be worth it in the end.

Our converted sales bus, Volvo B6 number 52, has been renumbered into the Plymouth City Transport anciliary vehicle series 75xx and becomes number 7552.

We attended the Winkleigh Bus Collection's open day with 176 INVINCIBLE and our sales vehicle 7552 which has had some cupboards and tables fitted to the rear part.

Ex-Plymouth Leyland Titan number 141 (ADR813) was also present at the open day and is still looking very smart in preservation.

Volvo Citybus 175 (B175VDV) “ARK ROYAL” is saved for preservation by group member Andy ‘Volvo’ Cooksey and joins sister vehicle 176 (B176VDV) “INVINCIBLE” in the PCTPG fleet. There’s not many preservation groups who can claim to have 2 air-craft carriers in their fleet!

Mike Hudson has given the inside side panels of 168 a deep clean now that all the seats have been removed and the next job is to paint the handrails orange.

Leyland PD2 no. 102 arrived back in Devon at 10pm after a long trip down from Sussex on the back of a recovery truck. Its now parked up at Buckfastleigh where an inspection will be carried out to determine what mechanical work is needed, if any. The bodywork is in very good condition but the paint is peeling on the off-side.

Our Sales Bus, no. 7552, has been fitted with an electronic destination blind screen, enabling a variety of different messages to be displayed at events. The blind had been fitted with great assistance from our friends at Target Travel and we would like to thank them for their help.

Also Ralph has sourced a large number of lockers, lockable cabinets and metal racking which will be very useful when we move into our new depot. These have already been delivered to us and we would like to thank the removal lads who helped us with this.

We kicked off December with our usual free Sunday bus service between Plymouth City Centre and Coypool where the Plym Valley Railway were running their Christmas Specials. The weather wasn't very good so it deterred a lot of people. If you were one of those deterred, we are doing this all over again over the next 3 Sundays leading up to Christmas so we hope to see you then.

Over the past few months we have been negiotiating with a church in south Wales about purchasing ex-Plymouth Atlantean no. 9 (NDR509J).  New Group Member David Jenkins, who lives in south Wales, has been inspecting the condition of the bus and it has been decided to acquire the bus for the Group. David will soon be fitting a starter motor to enable it to be started up and possibly driven home to Plymouth in the not-to-distant future. More news about no. 9 will follow soon.

Money for nothing and cheques for free! Easyfundraising have sent us our first cheque for £28.61. Thank you to those who use Easyfundraising on our behalf. If you would like to help us raise funds click on the blue link below. And remember it doesn't cost you a penny to register or use Easyfundraising.

More news on Leyland Atlantean no. 9 - thanks to David Jenkins for sending in these pictures. The fault with the starter motor has been identified and should be rectified soon enabling the bus to be started up. Its looking a bit smarter inside and out now.

102 has been started and engine wise is considered in good order. Oil filters have been sourced and an oil change is now planned. An inspection of the brakes revealed the shoes were worn to near the rivets. These have been despatched for re-lining. The rear tyres are worn and these will be replaced with newer part worn tyres that we have purchased.

Our last event for 2012 was to operate free bus services to the Plym Valley Railway for the 50th anniversary of the closure of the line between Marsh Mills Junction and Launceston. This coincided with the Plym Valley Railway opening their extension to Plym Bridge. 105, 131, 137 and 176 was used to provide 4 differerent services from all over the city, which included recreating the 33 between Devonport and Leigham, and the 27A from Honicknowle to Laira.

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Work continues on the interior of 168. The orange handrails have been sanded down and are ready for painting.

On 214, the kitchen area, water boiler, stove, shelving and tables have been stripped out and the vinyl flooring, fitted to the rear half of the lower saloon has been removed to unveil a pleasant surprise. The original floor of the bus underneath, was expected to be rotten but it actually turned out to be in very good condition. Inside the rear blind box 214's original number blind was found and is now working again. As the sun set this evening, for some reason, the saloon lights turned themselves on. Very strange as the master switch was off!






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