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Tom Michaels has been giving the interior of 185 a thorough tidy up after being parked up for the wettest 4 months in history! Some of the worst affected seats for mould/damp have been left outside during the rare dry days to get some fresh air to them and the mould removed with some hot water & anti mould spray. The staircase handrail, together with all other handrails and the cashtrays have all been re-painted black, making a big difference to the vehicle's appearance.

Lots of work has been going on recently. 7552 has a Motorola UHF radio ready for installation as our control vehicle, while on 182 a genuine Volvo speedo surround has been adapted to allow the tachograph head to be installed and remove the aluminium fabricated surround. 176 has the offside headlight replaced following failure on recent members trip, while sister vehicle 175's batteries are on charge for the Penzance trip, and almost an entire can of WD-40 later, the number blinds on 175 have been sorted by Tom Michaels. It too has been realised that some gear issues experienced with 185's trip to Colebrook in September was more than likely the cause of virtually no oil at all! This is something that's easily solved.

Two ex Chaplins Garden Centre trolleys have been acquired with the intention to make one out of two a trolley for our booster batteries and cable to remain fitted to permanently.

A very productive working party was held at Colebrook this morning. The day started with a general sort through of junk and moving items such as photos upstairs to clear more space. This was followed by a good sweeping up of the floor space, and then, the fun started! Every bus inside (182, 176, 175, 458, 178, 7552, 117 and 168) were all started up and moved outside. For several buses this was their first movement in months if not years – our booster pack and boosting batteries certainly came in handy! Following this, a further clean of inside took place with the moving of some extremely heavy items (such as a pool table), and then buses progressed to move back inside; including 9. On a side note, with a big thanks to Dave Jenkins, the lower via blind from 9 has been temporarily fitted to 175 for its trip to Penzance, making a big improvement to her appearance.


All in all, a really productive and enjoyable morning was had by all, and we hope to make these a regular event. Thanks very much to everyone who came down this morning.

Today was a busy day for us! 176 and 131 were put to work providing free bus services on Service 54 between the Plym Valley Railway and the Barbican/Hoe & the City Centre. This was 131’s first trip out since the PVR Running Day in December 2012 which went without a hitch. Good sales were made on the Sales Bus, and 176 ran perfectly well too. Thanks to Graham Perkins for the PVR photos.


For those of us who were up for going a bit further, Andy Cooksey took 175 to Penzance for the annual Running Day. This was a very well attended trip, (and yes, we had to put up with Cuffy!) Plenty of rides were available on a huge variety of VRs, and one suffered a fuel issue with a huge decrease in power up a hill. After a while, the driver decided enough was enough, and we waited for an Olympian to come and recover us, which caused an enormous queue up the hill! All in all, despite the rain, a fantastic day was had by all who attended, and 175 performed wonderfully with no problem at all.

Another successful working party was held at Colebrook this morning. Tasks completed were another re-shuffle of buses inside to finalise internal parking, with 175,176,178,458 and 52 all up and running. A tidy up of the Transit Van and cataloguing new EFE models for the Sales Bus also took place, together with a good wash of Merc minibus 283 to tidy her up, as even with the boosting batteries and jump-starting from a running 175 we had no luck at all. Excellent refreshments were also provided by Mrs Perkins - what more reason do you need to give up one Sunday morning a month? Thanks to all those who came down today. The next monthly working party will be Sunday 8th June from 0930-1230.

JUNE 27TH, 2014

In preparation for our display at the CityBus driver of the year event next weekend, 137 was washed down in readiness for a polish.


The opportunity was also taken to park 176 in the rear corner whilst it's suspension repair is pending. This sad failure has resulted in Graham passing ownership passing back to Paul Furse, with plans to look at it next year.


Meanwhile, Bobby Darch's 105 was taken to Ernesettle today for its Hanover flip-dot destination display to be fitted with many thanks to Paul Furse for driving, and to Ralph Delbridge for moving 102 out the way allowing 105 to be taken out.

JULY 2ND, 2014

After many months of planning, today we can finally unveil 7552's new livery, inspired by the Leyland Nationals. The last few details await fitting tomorrow such as fleet numbers and new registration plates, before its first outing as a Private Hire vehicle with Diabetes UK at the Life Centre on Saturday, and the Driver of the Year competition at Milehouse on Sunday.

We attended Plymouth Citybus’ Driver of the Year competition with 105, 137 and our newly repainted 7552 which had the final decals applied this morning. We had a great day meeting with staff and management in a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of fun was had by all and we look forward to a repeat event next year. Thanks to all those who helped throughout the week preparing buses, and manning the Sales Bus and driving on the day. Ralph Delbridge, Tom Michaels, Dave Jory and Laurence Mayhew even took a turn at the wheel of the Training Buses 214, 215 and 216.

7552 was presented in its new livery and vinyls which made a huge impression on all who saw it.

JULY 12TH, 2014

We attended the Alton Bus Rally with 178, which ran without a hitch there and back. The glorious weather made it a fantastic day out for all those who attended; topped off by stopping at West Bay Seafront for a great Fish and Chips supper on our return to Plymouth. We look forward to attending this event next year as a great day was had by all, and it enabled 178 to prove her worth as an excellent vehicle for use on longer trips such as this, thanks to the coach seating fitted. A massive thanks to David Jory for spending many hours hard at work cleaning and preparing 178 for this trip, and to Bobby Darch for loading in appropriate destinations onto 178 in readiness for the trip. Also thanks to Mark George for the fantastic first three photos.

We attended the Plymouth Hoe Bus Rally with eleven buses; 53, 102, 105, 131, 137, 162, 171, 175, 178, 182 and 7552. It was a warm and sunny day, and by far our most successful rally. We took home 4 awards; 171 won best overall vehicle, 53 won best single deck bus, 7552 won best converted bus, while 137 won the best in show too.


53, 105, 131, 171 and 175 all successfully ran very popular free bus trips all over the city. Our two B6s 7552 and 53 have both had a lot of work done recently to enhance their appearances. 7552 has had a full re-spray which was first launched at the Plymouth Citybus Driver of the Year event last month, while 53 has had original style vinyls and logos fitted over the weekend.


However, all this was not possible without the help of many, many people. We pay our thanks to all those members who gave up many hours of their time last week cleaning our buses, in addition to staffing the Sales Bus today. And of course, a huge thanks goes to owner members Andy Cooksey, Alan Sutton, Bobby Darch, Ian Byrne, Ralph Delbridge, Jason Beverley, Tom Pearce and Eddie Watkins for bringing their vehicles along today, and running free trips. And finally, a huge thanks to Ed Heseltine, Beau Chambers, Terry Whittard and Graham Tout for giving up their day off as full-time bus drivers at short notice to drive our buses to and from the Hoe today.

Over the weekend, we attended both Kingsbridge Running day and WHOTT at Westpoint, Exeter. As 171 lives just up the road from Kingsbridge at Loddiswell, it headed down to provide free trips throughout the day. Bobby Darch also took 105, which was called upon right at the last minute to cover trips for another vehicle which sadly was unable to attend. On Sunday, we attended WHOTT with 178 and our sales bus, 7552. A tidy profit was made, and this was another successful trip for 178 too. Thanks to Derrick Cuff for driving 105 to Kingsbridge, Beau Chambers for driving 7552 to Westpoint, and to all those members who helped to staff the sales bus at Westpoint too.

Roger Mathews has been working on 214 recently, giving the front frame some rust prevention whilst the front panel is removed for fibreglass repairs.

182 is once again out and about trimming the trees down. Its on going conversion has seen new rear lights fitted and the missing door brushes replaced.Years of cleaning and mopping of the floors has led to the aluminium panel at the stairwell base needing replacement. This has been carried out and silicone sealant on joints to help reduce water ingress which it now brings in open top form.

Members Dave Jenkins, Rex White, Eric Mansfield, Ed Heseltine and Ralph Delbridge got together on Saturday to wash and fuel 7552 and 178 in readiness for  Sundays Winkleigh open day. The opportunity was also taken to wash 137, whilst out, in preparation for its forthcoming MOT. The Winkleigh open day was a great success with a huge variety of vehicles present. We also took a large amount in sales, and our sincere thanks goes to all those members who helped staff the sales bus on the day, in addition to our drivers who gave up their time to drive 178 and 7552 to Winkleigh. For all those who came to Winkleigh, it would be hugely appreciated and useful if you could complete this brief survey of your day here. It will provide us with valuable feedback as to what trips to attend next year.


Meanwhile, Bobby Darch and Tom Michaels recently fitted an advert to the side of 105 to tidy up the side of the bus. It certainly does the job, and was well worth what was a very fiddly and tricky task!


We attended Warminster Running Day with 178 on Sunday for the first time. The trip proved a great success and was very popular, with 178 running without a hitch again, so we will likely be repeating the trip next year. We would like to thank the organisers of the Warminster Running Day for giving us a very warm welcome to the event and for allowing us to park up all day as a static display in the bus park. Meanwhile, 133 is currently in the paint shop at Milehouse having been moved in on Friday 17th.

What a weekend it has been for us. On Saturday 1st, group member Laurence Mayhew drove his newly acquired Leyland Olympian C412 HJN all the way down to Plymouth from Reliance Bus Works in Stoke on Trent. It performed absolutely faultlessly throughout the entire journey down to Plymouth, comfortably sitting at 55MPH down all the motorways with no problems at all. Meanwhile, Jacob Eaton spent a hard day at work on 101’s engine. After many hours of work and a great deal of effort, the head gasket from 101 was able to be removed, together with its batteries for inspection and testing to inform a decision on the future of the current engine. Sunday morning saw a successful working party as preparations for 168 to be MOT'd for the forthcoming Christmas Park & Ride trips at Plym Valley Railway were made. No.9 decided not to engage gears, but sufficient hands ensured this was not a problem. A minor shift around was also made to arrange accommodation for the Crossley which is due with us soon. Thanks to Eric Mansfield, Terry New, Michael Bojanitz, Philip Heseltine, Jason Beverley, Aaron Underwood, Peter Smith, Roger Matthews, Ralph Delbridge and Graham Tout for giving up their Sunday morning to help us out. As ever, this is very much appreciated. An extra special mention to Aaron for his efforts in preparing the ceiling and walls as we look to open our locker room soon as our office conversions continue. Thanks Aaron!

Former Plymouth City Transport 335 DJY965, a 1948 Crossley DD42 returned to Plymouth today. Despite having been left in outside storage in private ownership in South Wales for a number of years, it performed remarkably on the long journey back home; being described as a lovely drive. The vehicle is in outstanding condition, and is a significant addition to our fleet. 335 was delivered to Plymouth in April 1948 as one of a batch of six (331-336) and was initially used on routes 23 to Mount Gould and 24 to Beaumont Road. It is interesting to note that this batch, were the only Crossleys ever purchased by Plymouth City Transport and 335, almost certainly, is the only surviving example. Withdrawn from service in February 1958, 335 was used by several operators in the subsequent years and ownership eventually passed to Mr. P. Tucker of Liskeard, for preservation, in April 1979.

We provided a free bus service from the Plym Valley Railway at Coypool to the City Centre on the last Sunday of November, and three Sunday’s throughout December. Our Atlanteans 137 and 168 were used on all four Sunday’s, together with our Sales Bus being present. Eddie Watkins also brought 171 over on the second Sunday. This has proved to be by far our most successful PVR we’ve ran, with very strong passenger numbers on all four Sunday’s, despite the wet weather! Our Sales Bus took a healthy amount in sales, together with some very welcome new members.


Of course, it is entirely as a result of the support that you, the members provide which makes the event the success it has been. We pay our sincere thanks to all those members who have assisted with either staffing the sales bus, driving and conducting. Many thanks to Paul Burch, Jason Beverley, Gordon Hall, Aaron Underwood, Phillip and Ed Heseltine, Roger Matthews, Ralph Delbridge, Paul Furse, Keith Helley and Eric Mansfield. An extra special thanks go to those members who travelled from elsewhere in the Country to be with us, and to help us out. Thanks to Dave Jenkins, Dave Moore, Andy Cooksey, Eddie Watkins and Beau Chambers.


The PCTPG would like to thank everyone who has assisted and supported us over the year. We wish each and every one of our members a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2015.

The starting motor from 201 is all refurbished and awaiting fitting.

Work is underway repairing 162's exhaust - one of three items it failed its MOT on.

Graham Perkins who has recently taken over ownership of 176 "INVINCIBLE" has had some T-cut applied to its red paint, and this has improved the vehicles appearance a great deal. More T-cut soon!

Work continues on 133. The side destination number glass has been cleaned of paint and the interior prepared for a new mechanism to be fitted.

With a huge thanks to Group Member Bobby Darch for lending us his KEYLO, 178 H178GTT was finally loaded with our destination displays today, after many failed attempts. They were all designed/created by Tom Michaels and loaded onto the bus by Bobby Darch. We all think they look great, and will certainly enhance the vehicles profile and appearance at future events.

Atlantean 133 has had a new side number mechanism and blinds fitted; something it's been without for many years, and noticeably improves the vehicle's appearance. Photo with thanks to Group Chairman Ralph Delbridge.

The group’s Sales Bus was re-loaded with updated destination displays this afternoon. Again these were created and designed by Tom Michaels, and uploaded onto the bus with huge thanks to Bobby Darch for again lending us his KEYLO loader which loads the displays onto the vehicle. A one-line gap has been left around all corners on all displays, which is hoped to increase viewing angles of the display considerably, together with a general tidy-up and the addition of some new displays. Some pictures of them on the bus are opposite, (apologies for the poor quality although the lighting conditions weren't ideal!), together with a full set of screenshots  on the Blind Spot page.

Dave Jenkins of the Number 9 Group kisses a can of Bradex EasyStart having spent two hours bleeding and priming the fuel system to no avail. However, Ralph suggested giving her a squirt and she fired up quite merrily! With thanks to Ralph there is a video of 9 in action on our Facebook page.

A total of 12 red wheels have been secured for the Group. They've been shotblasted in red oxide and are now ready for spraying black before new 11R 22.5 tyres are fitted. One of the sets is for 201, the other for 458. Photo with thanks to Ralph Delbridge.

Group Member Andy Cooksey's rare Volvo B6 Plaxton Pointer no. 53 has had repairs completed on its brakes and has today obtained a MOT. Great news!

Work has continued removing the damp plasterboard in readiness for a new ceiling to be installed as our depot premises shapes up! The Chairman and son Mike Delbridge have almost finished this rather dusty job! Thanks to Ralph for the photos.

David Jory has commenced work on removing 162s crash guard, which was a very long and difficult task, partly due to the bus being parked over a pile of mud, but also due to the extremely stiff bolts! A big well done to him for a very tricky and boring task. Webmaster Tom Michaels also fitted his own personal blind to Dennis Dart 101 to see how it would look - this is one of several improvements planned for this Dart in the future.

8 of the recently refurbished wheel rims are now painted and just await tyres to be fitted.

Leyland Atlantean 171 TTT171X is currently undergoing a repaint into original livery.

Refurbished wheels now fitted with new tyres await fitting to two of our Atlanteans, 201 and 458, over the coming few months. Also, on 7552, offside screens are now solid bay windows to allow advertising without the opening hoppers affecting the panel size.

Work on panelling the recess which once housed 182's top deck rear window is progressing well.

Ralph and Graham have refitted the Volvo 'Citybus' name to 176 having been removed in 2010, together with spending some time  fitting the clock, whiteboard and engineering diagrams (recovered from the Milehouse OV shop) to the wall with Eric Mansfield, which David Jory had painted in preparation.


Also, Tristan from TTS signs has fitted the plain vinyl advertising background to the rear and offside windows of 7552 which has now been completed, with a re-paint being next on the list. If you or anyone you know wish to advertise for a 12 month period please email


Finally, with a big thanks to Group Member Gareth Ruby, and Plymouth Citybus Scheduler Mike Hicks, we can reveal the trips that Bobby Darch's 105 operated on its last day, Monday 07/07/2008. It was running card 453, which involved services 44, 40, a 36 duplicate, then 46As for the rest of the day, with its final service being the 17:25 from Royal Parade Service 46A on Monday 7th July 2008.

Member Paul Paske, the owner of 170 and 283 has repainted his London Country Atlantean in Maidstone & District livery for the coming show season. It's part of the Yeldham collection in Essex.

The rear window recess on 182 is now panelled over as work continues on its conversion.

The refurbished starter motor has been refitted to 201 and this has turned the engine over. Attention to some wiring issues is now planned after which attention to the slipping gears can be made and hopefully this PDR/1 Atlantean will be back in use in a few months after a prolonged absence.

458 went to Buckfastleigh this morning for a replacement O.680 engine to be fitted.

The Merseyside Bus Club, whilst on their tour of the Westcountry, visited Colebrook and the PCTPG Depot. Collected from their hotel by Ralph Delbidge in TCO 537 and conveyed back they took a look around the vehicles on site before being collected by Bristol VR, VDV 134S, owned by Dave Fricker of North Somerset Coaches for their trip to Bigbury.

Eric Mansfield and Graham Perkins took the opportunity to set up our recruitment stand; two tables of models were displayed along with books and a nice tidy sum was made!

Great to be able to host a visiting group and we look forward to similar such events in the future.

Graham Perkins took 176 up to Tiverton today for the Grand Western Canal 200th Anniversary Event, and  provided a free bus service between Tiverton Bus Station and Hartnoll Farm. Despite the wet weather an enjoyable day was had by all.

The handrails on 7552 have been cutdown and ready to be capped off as conversion continues on the interior, while on 182, the upper body mounts have been cutdown to allow bespoke stainless steel fittings to be fixed as conversion of Ex-Trent 621, and Plymouth Citybus 182 continues to open top spec.

Leyland PD2 102 finally returned to Plymouth after a spell at Buckfastleigh to allow restoration work to be completed. We are all delighted to see this rare and unique vehicle back to its rightful home; the streets of Plymouth.

With many thanks to Group Member Paul Laxton for the tremendous efforts he has put into creating these, we can release to you the long-anticipated Group Badge design. These shall be on order in time hopefully for the Plymouth Citybus Driver of the Year competition, if not then definitely in time for the Hoe Rally, and will be on sale to Group Members together with the Public; at £8 for members, and £9 to the public.

The ups and downs of Bus Preservation. UP, 214 has had the old style booster socket replaced with the newer style as we work towards uniformity with the fleet to assist us when we have any starting issues. DOWN, 176 failed in the depot building with what seems to be a suspension component failure resulting in it currently being off the road. I'm sure you will join us in Graham's disappointment and hopefully this won't be a long term issue.

Today we held another of our monthly working parties. Tasks completed involving moving the lockers over into the corner next to 137 and 175, together with more tidying, and more importantly, 102 was taken out for a quick spin by Ralph Delbridge, Terry Whittard, and Paul Burch. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this, and it was great to see this vehicle out and about on the road.

Thanks to the very generous offer from Paul Laxton, the Group are now a registered Business Radio Supplier through OFCOM. This will allow us to  not only make use of the two way radios we have but also hire the radios out along with 7552 for event / control use. Thanks Paul!

The engine that was to go in 458 turned out to be the wrong type and is too large. It was also full of water! So it's going to be returned to Deebles. Dave at Buckfastleigh seems to know what could be faulty with 458s engine so he's going to strip down the pistons with a view to replacing one of them. Hopefully this will sort out the knocking noise.

Work has continued on the new handrails in readiness for 182's new role. The front section is due to be fitted soon along with Perspex screens. Keep an eye open this week as 182 takes to the streets cutting down the trees once more.


Eric Mansfield, Philip Heseltine and Dave Jenkins spent last weekend hard at work on 9, with some cracking progress made. The plating over the upstairs front window opening was removed to give it a more original appearance along with some of the damaged side panels, which did uncover the need for some repairs on the frames. The front panel structure was repainted and the demister unit refitted and tested. Various air system components were removed for overhaul including front door jack and dual air gauge. A rough coat of red primer was applied to the front panel, but it makes a big difference in appearance. The next job planned is to remove both sets of doors and continue paint removal.

PCTPG fleet number 182 helped in the preparation for this weekend's Armed Forces event. Plymouth Citybus intend on running double deckers on service 25 to help cope with the additional passengers so the roads in the immediate area have had the tree heights raised.

Leyland Olympian 172 TTT172X is joining our fleet. Paul Furse has struck a deal with London Bus Exports of Chepstow to purchase the bus, and if all goes to plan, it will hopefully be at Colebrook in a few days time. 172, 173 and 174 were the only Olympians bought by Plymouth City Transport and they arrived in March 1982. They weren't popular with Plymouth Citybus having all been withdrawn in September 1988.

Paul Furse's Leyland Olympian 172 TTT172X arrived at Colebrook today, while Volvo B10M 178 H178GTT passed its MOT as preperation for the Alton rally continues.

Bobby Darch's 105 has finally been fitted with its Hanover destination display today, with many thanks to Paul Wade, who has done an outstanding job fitting it. It looks like it's been there since 105 was new!

182 has been out tree-lopping with Plymouth City Council in Plympton in the last two days; at Mudge Way on Monday, and Chaddlewood Garage and on Plymouth Road on Tuesday. Many more appearances are planned for the near future - keep an eye out for us!

7552 was hired out to Diabetes UK at the Life Centre today. It was a great success and very promising for its first hire as an events vehicle. Meanwhile, 178 has been to the premises of local independent operator, Target Travel, for an oil and filter change on the gearbox as preparation continues in readiness for next Sundays trip to Alton Rally.

171 was MOT'd last week and is now repainted. Making its debut on the Hoe this August!

7552 was MOT'd today and passed with flying colours! The new flip down seats recovered from withdrawn Dart No.1 (N101UTT) are installed as seen here maintaining a capacity of 20 passengers plus driver.

Dave Jory has started work on the Bristol LH, 19. Cleaning the side and scraping of old paint has revealed its former Western National leaf green colours.

AUGUST 2ND, 2014

AUGUST 3RD, 2014

AUGUST 26TH, 2014

133 has had a new rubber surround and glass fitted to the side number destination display as restoration continues.





OCTOBER 13TH, 2014



Aaron Underwood has been working on improving the appearance of 168 by removing the plain hub ends with 'Spider' covers to allow Leyland nut rings to be fitted. On November 14th, 168 passed its MOT first time with no advisories; a first-time pass despite having been parked up out of use for over two years. Aaron Underwood has taken 168 under his wing and spent time preparing her after a 2 year period during which time Roger Matthews has put the interior back together, re-fitting all the seats together with frames, and Ralph Delbridge sorted out the battery storage with a modified bracket. We are delighted that 168 passed first time and is a real credit to the outstanding condition of the vehicle, which is now completely operational and ready to return to the roads.



You wait for one and two come along at once! New group member Mike Bojanitz has struck a deal with the current owner of Plymouth City Transport PD1, PCT fleet number 89, and registration CJY299. In the near future, she will be joining the ever-growing PCTPG collection. We pay our congratulations to Mike for yet another significant and historical acquisition to our fleet, as the group continues to go from strength to strength.


Treasurer Bill McCarthy  kindly donated his old sofa and chair to the Group as this years winter project to get the upstairs rooms in order commenced today. Aaron Underwood has been fitting battens into the ceiling of the soon to be in use Locker room. PVC cladding will be fitted to the battens soon. Meanwhile, in preperation for our Plym Valley Railway specials, the steering wheel on 168 has been repositioned so it's inline when the wheels are straight, and 137 passed her MOT today with no advisories. Thanks to Dave Jory, Michael Bojanitz, Philip and Ed Heseltine, Peter Smith, Roy and Paul Davies, Roger Mathews, Gordon Hall, Aaron Underwood and Ralph Delbridge who came down to assist preparing 137 and 168 ready for next Sunday.


To the left are some more photos from the working party on Sunday 23rd November to prepare 137 and 168 for their use on the Plym Valley Railway specials which commence next Sunday.

Thanks again to all those who gave up their time to help us out.


Thanks to Aaron Underwood's Nan who has donated a workbench and vice to the group. Aaron has positioned it for use already and it looks the part! Meanwhile, Ralph and Aaron spent several hours fitting the new cladding to the ceiling as part of the Winter Project preparing the locker room for use.


We kicked off the first of our Plym Valley Railway specials today, and what a fantastic first day it was. 137 and 168 were used to provide a free bus service to and from the Coypool Park and Ride site to the City Centre. This was also 168’s return to the road, after a two and a half year absence. Both vehicles proved popular, and performed absolutely faultlessly. Thanks to all those members who helped staff the sales bus, drive, and conduct today. A fantastic day was had by all, with a great chance to catch up with other members. We’ll be repeating this event for the next three Sunday’s in the run-up to Christmas, so we’d very much like to see you there.


Assisted by Jason Beverley, Ralph has finished the locker room ceiling he and Aaron had been working on. Also, member Peter Heath has been working on the security of the groups offices and has installed the lock and a new shut plate into the frame. Thanks Peter!


Leyland PD1 89 joins the fleet and is seen here in our Colebrook depot. 89 is owned by new member Mike Bojanitz, and we wish him the very best of luck.


AUGUST 28TH, 2014

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Preperations have been underway all this week getting our buses ready for the Hoe Rally. Thanks to all those members who gave up their time to get the buses looking good - and yes, even Bobby gave 105 a clean! Andy Cooksey's Volvo B6 also received original Citybus logos and stripes with many thanks to Tristan from TTS Signs.

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