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Cleaning inside 42 after years of grime had eluded the cleaners and also Bryan and Ian worked at getting 42 started which after some choice words and WD40 was successful. Ongoing internal cleaning and tidying will see this vehicle put back together and submitted for MOT in the not too distant future.

Meanwhile the 9 group continued work on the body panels of our rare 'Jumbo' atlantean.

Lastly Cancer Research UK charity are raising awareness of their Relay for Life Plymouth 2017 in the City Centre on Saturday 4th February which is World Cancer Day and will be using 7552 as their centre point. PCTPG are pleased to be supporting such a worthwhile charity and one that so many people have had connections too. Pop along and say hi to them between 9 and 4 on Saturday.


February has seen ongoing works continue on two of the Darts in the group; 27 and 42. Starting with 27, it has received attention to the batteries, fuel gauge and other electrical items. It also received a thorough steam-clean.

42 saw the remaining seats removed and stripped and was followed by a thorough interior clean as part of on-going improvements. It was also started up, brakes freed and moved about to allow further restoration to continue.